" It's mentioned often in the bible, that there shall be a music that all people love. All global concerns shall play and dance and sing this music, it's in the revelation. What kind of music that could be? Reggae. "Bunny Livingstone, The Wailers

" The beats are bam bam bam bam. In reggae you´ve got three beats out of four beats,
and you imagine the next beat. Feel the next beat.That´s reggae. Feel. The heartbeat. "Bunny Livingstone, The Wailers

" I and I a praise King Selassie I and endorse di ghetto youth dem- mek dem well bright, Africa shall rise. "Alborosie

" I travel the garden of music, thru inspiration. It's a large, very large garden, seen? "Peter Tosh

" Reggae has a philosophy, you know? It's not just entertainment. There's an idea behind it, a way of life behind the music, which is a positive way of life, which is a progressive way of life for better people. "Ziggy Marley

" Bounty Killer is my deejay who mi look up to. I follow everything he does. I look up to him because I get a lot of different things from him, and I just match it to me and my personality and my performance and everything. "Busy Signal

" Come mek wi give a likkle love, spread a likkle love, share a little worldwide love. So wave yuh hand dem inna di air and mek di likkle love share - cause wi don't have to live like thugs. "Delly Ranx

" My music is not party music, it is serious thing i&i talk ´bout.
"Kabaka Pyramid

" How dem fi say reggae dead when a it we carry on
And I keep it with me like its my carry on
So mek me show you quickly how dat ting yah run
And I got my people with me...

" Your body's just a vehicle, transporting the soul.
It's what's inside of people, is beauty to behold. "Damian Marley

" This is not Marijuana music, just a message from the ones that use it! "Protoje

" All music is dance music. But when people think of dance music, they think of techno or just house. Anything you can dance to is dance music. I don't care if it's classical, funk, salsa, reggae, calypso; it's all dance music. "Afrika Bambaataa

" So as sure as the sun will shine, I’m gonna get my share now of what is mine, and the harder they come, the harder they fall, one and all. "Jimmy Cliff

" Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die. "Peter Tosh

" One good thing about music, when it hits you - you feel no pain. "Bob Marley

" No man is an island. No man stands alone. "Dennis Brown